Please High Five the next person you see and say: 
You can achieve anything you truly want,
because your words create your world!

With that in heart and mind,
I am creating Soul Strength Solutions,
To move Humanity into its next golden age of
Universal Love, Enlightenment & Celebration

Using the sacred sciences of sound, the first Pilot project I propose is:
To create an intuitive and innovative music making and learning social game,
Which uses shapes and colours, instead of sheet music and notes. 

I Paraphrase William Shakespeare: “Those who have lost the Music in their soul
are bound to commit treason, deception, and go to war”, 
Help me in ending the war within humanity. 

Let us overcome the lust for power with the power of love,
and ourselves become the missing link to heaven on earth,
and embodying this new golden age, Thank you!