Hello and thank you very much for taking the time out to read this!

for around 3 years I’ve been involved with helping
 orphanages in Uganda which I am connected to,
giving everything I have to save children’s lives.

Myself and the organisers of these orphanages are doing this because
we believe in a better world, a world of love, a world of grace, 
We believe there’s more to the human race. 

You see, the founders of these
orphanages were themselves orphans
at one point and see themselves as on a mission.

to give you some feeling for what money in this field of endeavour does, 
1€ saves 1 child’s life for 1 day, and 360€ can buy a community water filter, 
which can provide clean drinking water for 5 years for 100 individuals, let alone children, who need less water per day than adults. 

To date, I’ve donated close to 5000€, which, for me personally is a lot, but due to living on a day to day basis, the money has not achieved as much as it could and relative for what these 100 children in their orphanages need, is gone very quickly, it was barely even enough to cover the cost of food, water & basic supplies for half a year, let alone expand and help more children.

If we can raise 5,000€ in a short time period, we can build 2 new buildings and provide homes for 25 children, saving them from rough lives, or death, on the street. 

 50,000€  can set our orphanage charities on a course for expansion and help save thousands of children’s lives, hopefully, ultimately conquering the global crisis with its staggering proportions: 153 million orphans, and 1400 children dying every day from preventable causes. 

My friends at these charities over a long time now have shown/ proven all they have done with that money is for the children, as well as keep good monthly records & receipts. The situation in Uganda, like many developing countries, is really difficult, there are millions of orphaned children, half of which the parents died due to aids.

” The United Nations Children’s Fund, or Unicef, estimates the number of child orphans in Uganda to be about 2.7 million. May 16, 2018 “

Let’s change this whole situation! 
Together, we can.

We are making a difference step by step.

Caution: Personal views: 

I believe that there is a timeless and immortal dimension which our souls live in, and that we are playing a “serious game” a “waking dream” here on earth, I believe that G.O.D our Great Origin Divine rewards us for
the good that we do, and the faithfulness in being responsible
and that when we give, he gives to us something greater; greater gifts, and greater responsibilities, to keep growing, proportionate to our tasks. 

The Good News which I follow and subscribe to says: “Be not ashamed of the good news, for it is the power of salvation for everyone who believes”. What exactly is the good news? That God is love, and that God lives in you too! That the God of the Universe can do anything if we can believe (without lieing to ourselves; if we can honestly believe), so let’s believe in our unique talents, in the power within us, and use it to make a difference, to save as many souls from terrible fates, solve the water and food crisis,
and bring on a new time of peace, love and prosperity.

If you can, and want to then please help these charity orphanages become self-sustaining, so they are not living on a day to day basis, and the lives of these children and many more can be saved & granted a hope-filled future.

The things these orphanages specifically need funds for are:

~Resources to continue building houses for children to sleep & live in

~Farmland to garden & grow crops on, as well as money for all materials

~Funds to fix their water supplies & systems, to become independent

~School materials (pencils, books & so on)…

~Medicine funds & so on.

~Emergency materials.

I talk via video and text with my friends who run these orphanages often, and here you can see Denis >> Youtube Channel “Great Compassion Uganda” <<

Please help us with our campaign!
1 $ = 2 meals + water for a child; life for a day.

Saving lives and winning souls back for the sake of love is one of the most noble and rewarding things anyone can do with their lives, if you feel called to do so, that is wonderful, if you don’t, please still consider forwarding or posting this campaign effort to save lives.  

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Here is a link to my friends home pages, works in progress http://greatcompassionug.org/ registered charity and

paypal directly to support him

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If you wish, then support this cause through that campaign

Or, if you do not have a credit card:
You can send funds directly to me,
so that I will reroute the money, 
Paypal or Bank Transfer:

I am aware that money is the measurement of trust and hard work

Please be assured of my integrity, transparency and accountability,
For evidence of the proper use of these funds, Below* is a recent transaction log of my personal funds sent to these charities… In all honesty: I’ve sent far more of my own personal money to them than I’ve ever received via crowdfunding or calls for support. 

If you are considering sending a large sum to support these endeavours,
We can schedule a 3 way skype call, and provide more evidence of costs e.t.c

or Bank Transfer:  

Samuel Alder
Purpose: Charity Orphanage support
IBAN: DE79360100430686470430

I have also created an open “Money Pool” for the sole purpose of transparency, because this type of work has so often been faithlessly done, and the public have lost trust in it. I am willing to be completely open


 to email or schedule a call, write here:
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