Life Dreaming into Being

What is it that our Soul wishes to be, and to be seeing?

Through our eyes and our senses, as we feel,
go and grow on our way through this life.

Like a Tree, spiralling outward and upward from our centre,
yearning to be free stretching out with
our branches, our arms, as we whirl and
twirl in the mysteries of these infinite cosmic dances

Grace lands on us like a bird, a butterfly, a bee,
as we continue shooting our roots deep down into the Earth, 
growing like Trees. At some point we realise: We are already free! 

Free to be our Imagination’s destiny, free to be
cursed, or blessed, it’s up to you and me. 
For life gives us what we consistently Imagine, and Align with.

So I hope you now know once more, if you did not already know before:
You are Life! You are Life, Dreaming into Being. 

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