Healing Cancer, instead of “treating” it.

This may be distressing to hear, but it is factual and admitted by doctors and professionals / ex-professionals themselves and my personal experience of dealing with this, having various friends & a family member who overcame it:

The Mainstream Medical INDUSTRY revolves around profit, and treating symptoms, not patients and curing underlying causes/ Illnesses,
In short: It is not interested in true health!.

The medical establishment often seek to maintain their method of “healing”. in this case: Chemotherapy & radiation, even though there are far more effective cures and courses for healing known to humanity.

For instance: Dietary change, lifestyle change, making the body more alkaline which Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in 1937 for, by proving cancer cells die in alkaline environments. Also for instance Hemp/ cannabis/ cbd oil, there are so many effective cures, documented to work.

So why does chemotherapy and radiation continue??? When it is factually known to have a 2% success rate over 5 years??? and if the patient DIES on the 6th year it’s still counted a “success”???
Ignorance and Greed! 🙁 Humanity, and the awakened have to say:
our souls and bodies are not for sale, we fight the system & soul sickness.

Recently I dislocated my right shoulder, and the first response I got from a doctor was “oh you should have that operated, it will never get better”… I asked other people, including physiotherapists, and at my Gym, what they thought and they all laughed… saying it’s bullshit, they knows they get paid to operate, and there are definitely ways to train make the shoulder even stronger than before

It’s the the same with doctors/ psychiatrists prescribing anti-depression medication, which too many are trigger happy to do, and it’s the same with the vaccine industry: every vaccination nets a profit.

This all points to the fact: Humanity must reclaim its integrity, and intellect, it must investigate the facts, educate itself on what creates true health, and not shy away from conflict with “the system”.’

Humanity, as a critical mass, must refuse to be sheep, to bow down to “authority” and proclaim: Truth is the only authority, and truth can be proven, and experienced, by MY SELF!

I Reclaim my body, mind and power, we are all responsible for our own health, I choose not to be gullible and so trusting of “professionals” who profit from our sickness 🙁 I know it’s scary, but what’s worse?

Placing your trust in a system which kills you and your loved ones,
or investigating, finding out the truth, and then applying it to your self, or those around you, and finding out it is a massive scam?

For the disbelievers because these are awful indictments,
everything I have stated above is factual and verifiable, with documented evidence “straight from the horse’s mouth”, the multinational companies.

few dare face reality & actuality as it is:


Regards, Sam