The Poet’s Aim

Words that enlightens the soul are more precious than jewels, gold, or
boldly use these divine tools which contain, the secrets to the
universe and to ending all forms of pain, words are the keys to opening 
heaven in the here and now, the sacred vibration to which all freely bow.  

Pound for pound, the story, effort and ink
from which they are printed is more expensive
than gold, doesn’t that make you stop and think?
Why are words so sacred? Can they produce & replace food or drink?

It is by the word that you create the life that you love or hate,
you are the designer of your own fate, once you become conscious 
then you know how, the word changes your world, practice it, always now 
the word gives love to you in the form of everything; your food, tools, children, wife

The word itself is formless, untouchable, un-graspable, unconquerable, everywhere.
You’re the one who decides what to do with it and where to us it how much, when?
You live with the results, 
Which hopefully you see, are not a trap, but a blessing, either to teach, or the cosmic heart to reach, filling it with life & love

Prepare yourself to be astonished, and suspend your disbelief, 
The holy spirit can flow out of any, and all of us, if we agree to live with
Magnanimity; in other words, kindness, generosity, good will to all living races
and species. Contemplate these following words, test them:

Am I witnessing something which can truly give me, what others hope in vain to gain?
through abuse of drugs, self manipulation, being their body’s own thugs:
menacing, coercing and threatening the innately divine intelligence 
intuition indwelling, living, feelings, can i embrace the new refrain?

Enlightenment; Unwinding; becoming undone: I am a result only of your presence, 
your surrender and commitment; your PAYING of attention, to the pre-sent present:

Like a glorious soft song of a gentle Autumn Breeze, the rustling and swaying of many leaves on trees which we all breathe.

This universal cosmic force, you and I are connected to it,
of course, never separate, enveloped by it, grace, like 
gentle butterflies, caressing your body and face,
except, in your heart, flying, blessing, copulating

This force is everywhere, and you can find it, IF YOU DARE, then stare into & ENLIGHTEN your heart & mind, DO it: CARE! Even if it is blindingly bright, and makes you cry tears of joy, do not give up, or look back, hear your heart’s captain say “AHOI”!
The guardian of the light, fights the good fight, and helps us get “IT” right, on track.

But beware: this light will make your heart, with love, crack, open, and you will realize what it means to truly be living, then you will wish all along it was love you had been giving, so you start forgiving yourself & others and living presently because you know, it’s not time or our immortal soul that’s ticking away, it’s our body’s life.

Some day we will have to step past the mortal curtain. You see, despite witnessing so much beauty, every true poet sooner or later sees they are on “this” side of Eternity, and must make the most out of every moment while they can perceive the wonderful truth: their duty! Have no doubt, just shout it out: Life’s beauty. 

follow through on the truth you DO see! All knowledge is self knowledge,
and all truth brings us to all other truth, freely, share it, fulfilled, yes,
Stand straight & tall now, for the illusions of separation do not fall, 
unless you perceive and do what’s best for you and me. 

This way you shall ensure that the glory of the world is set free; by hurling yourself into the abyss of your own ignorance, questioning and investigating it, trusting: before reaching the end, I WILL shine with bliss, liberating light, freeing us from any and all fights, from the corruption of the past, from the confusion which now stops to last. 

Suffer not unless truly necessary, and you feel guided by the hand of fate like Jesus and Mary, like Socrates, Buddha, and Aires, like all the poetic-mythic-legendary heroes of our stories, who worked hard at conquering disaster, before it was “too late”, 
Reversing the course of hate, not reserving themselves to wait, acting!

Self-Sacrifice, at least of the mask of “me”, is required by emergencies! 

That is the method and means of noble souls, who dare to live right here in the now, instead of asking, when they already know “how?”, they save the world from death’s certain jaws, ignoring the claws coming for them, for they know even if they die, the light will always W.I.N! So ask yourself: What’s . Important . Now?  & Do it again! 🙂

As you begin your day, try these words out and say: Life is glorious, worth fighting for, and I am doing that, I am okay. I am doing my best, to peace fully bring the blessed, golden age back to ring, in all hearts and minds, so that the world may join in joy together as one and sing, love for a cosmic family, manifest under the sun; fun 🙂 

When you feel guided by the hand of fate, that is to say “ME!”, to conquer corruption and uplift the poor, fatherless and broken, when you feel that noble emotion, 
dive into the ocean of your devotion, let your heart levitate, trust, all is well, 
even in heaven, there is a hell, and in hell, there is a heaven that sings.

It’s called: the pressure within, realized by real eyes, seeking to see truth, 
beyond duality and illusions, left and right, yet love and grace provide the space and time, just enough, for those who strive for all to thrive, putting in the effort, to get the reward, not just for themselves, but for all; a better world, built each moment. 

Just like Robin Hood: Robbing time of what it would, steal from the lives of the many and give to the few: protecting the many who are week from the mighty few “The unconquerable Gods” cosmic forces, the apocalypse’s four horses, electromagnetism, entropy, death, decay and inevitable seeming destruction, now “here to stay”. 

Join me, believe in and celebrate the hero innately present in all humanity,
Feel and face the fear, and do it anyway! Live your soul’s purpose! Draw forth the King or Queen within, be one of the noble few who live and die for love, embracing death’s sting, doing their best work in THIS life, and multidimensional salvation bring. 

Poetic Justice is the highest form and force, of true divine righteousness, 
seemingly coincidental, but the anomaly is divine, remember the universe is mental
Poetic Justice, the only type which shines eternally, created by the holy & creative spirit, infinite, intelligent, loving… poet’s tree; the word which created the tree of all life! 

Poetry is the best of all family trees, for it creates and unites all to itself, 
paradoxically with God’s discipline, the one word; universe, sets us all free to be, 
who and what we truly are, whether a flower or a star, shining beauty of life,
This may be a far off seeming truth for some depressed and stressed, but listen: 

In the beginning was the word, a string theory, vibrating subatomic mass of particles and waves, creating, self aware, consciously… In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word WAS God, this is stating that God is like a bird, singing music for you and me, lighting up the night sky brightly with reverie

The hearts of those who hear this word and song, listening intensely to its unique beauty, can sense it is something containing infinity. A subtle art, to feel so very deeply with one’s heart, step past your fear of death, hold on to your strength, and watch your breath, as you exhale what is stale vanishing from you, inhale, pure life pouring in too.

Tune in to this frequency, don’t freak when you see it,
manifesting your destiny, just go on trusting and keep lighting
up the world for all to see: thy good works, and then,
even the sun shines a little brighter, encouraged by thee. 

Be open, simple, and free, find the way back home to eternal youth, 
in discipleship to me, I AM the one who was, and is, and is to come,
the lamb that was slain, the lion that outruns the light of the sun, 
the cosmic Christ, the eternal King, creator of the ring, of time, yet in it, I sing! 

I am the life, the truth and the way, the author of the destiny of my soul, 
I am this brand new day,
I am the beautiful twinkle in your lover’s eye,
I am also the misused bullets that fly, and hit your children, in the sky

All space and time, all feelings, terrible and sublime, all life, desperate to give and pass on life, desperate to find an answer, and create endless wealth; good health,
I am the animating force behind genetic expression, I am the planets progression,
I am the call to your evolution, choose wisely what you do, or face violent revolution.

WHO AM I? Not a person, name, place or thing, I am a state of consciousness:
I am the million stars that sing, I am the phoenix flames, which resurrection bring.
I am the subtle echo of forefather’s thought lost, living on in you, and me
I am the venomous snake and honey gathering bee, I am life, I am free.

The fate of this planet, is in your respect and appreciation of “me”. 

I am this poet, self aware that I am so much more; unity, the binding light-less light, “darkness”; matter vibrating quietly, so that not all is wiped out by light alone.  
I am the facilitating connection between the heart and brain, 
the body of God, of Christ, circumventing additional pain. 

I am this poet, who clings not alone to these cares for his life,
but says: death, thy discipline i hear each day and welcome you to bring,
so that the very best out of me emerges, again, again, again, until its truth rings, 
so that life’s children can this day sing, of a new dawn, a new creation, a new thing.

So that the fire of life, the holy animating warmth, love and connection,
as we march on through the seasons; Springing into action,
and go wondering through summers that Fall’s yields we May make into Winter’s meals: For every newborn child, also a queen or king, for time’s  

Dedicated to the Fair Queen of my heart. 
I worship and thank you for lighting the fire of love in me,
the truth which sets all beings free, from which they come
and to which they go as they join together as one, embraced in a loving unity.

The poet’s aim an eternal golden braid, of the gods and goddesses,
in all species and kinds of life, as we learn to live in peace on earth, 
and are remade, into our rightful place as heirs and stewards of the truth:
Life is love, beauty and goodness, intelligence and sacred unyielding determination 

Remember: It is not up to us, to you or me to kill, judge, condemn and end,
the lives of others, when we are enraged, consider the sage: 


all beings have their place
Killing is not the question, If it was & we had the power,
the world have already come to its final end and hour.


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