What is Sexual Morality, how & why does it lead to Immortality?

I received some questions about a Sexuality,
 specifically a question about  Masturbation also
known Biblically as “Onanism” “Is it wrong to masturbate”?

And what is Sexual Sin? Am I condemned/ evil/ wrong somehow?

Here’s my answer as a Christian, and a Man/ Father. 

This short summary answer from the new testament, is found in all bibles in a letter to the Corinthian Community Church, Apostle Paul writes: Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God?: Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, sodomites, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revelers, robbers –
none of these will inherit the kingdom of God”


Whilst Masturbation is not explicitly mentioned here, it can lead, through loss of control of one’s actions, and loss of connection in faith and relationship to God,  if one falls for temptation and begins KNOWINGLY doing wrong/ doing evil,
when one knows better, it can lead to a dark place:
TO THOSE ACTIONS, which deny one entry into God’s Eternal Kingdom of Heaven! 


Under those circumstances,
it is definitely worth the effort to resist this S.I.N: 
Self Imposed Negativity; Self Imposed Negation and Prison sentence; 
living in fear guilt and shame for one’s conscience and wrong doing 
Telling one, one has not yet made amends; made up for mistakes.

In the old Testament, this this belief and interpretation that “it is wrong (under all circumstances)” comes from reading about the man Onan,
who refused to marry his (deceased Brother’s) wife,

and was struck by God, this is a rather cruel sounding story,
but there is a messagebehind it: God did not want Onan to
masturbate in the desert, but to give him a wife
to live and be happy with! 

God (JAHWAY Elohim) said in the book of Genesis, through Moses“Be fruitful and multiply!In order to multiply, we must marry our beloved spouse, in spirit, mind and body. 

Personally, I reserve myself and my seed for my beloved, so that I have energy for all I do, and am driven to achieve God’s promises, living up to them in faith, 
restoring and regenerating, replenishing the Earth. 

This picture to me is a glorious rendition of Adam and Eve freeing and redeeming themselves from Slavery and “Egypt”; which is to say: Bondage, being enchained to habits & corruptions of the world.

Adam and Eve being purified
Now I feel Free to be me,
Freed by the love my partner has for me!
Freed by the Love and Hope of Christ’s Glory in Me. 

However, it was not always thus! 
I went through such depths of despair, I! 😀 
It took my a long time to come to understanding
faith and the role my body (the temple of God) plays in it.

At times I did indeed feel depressed and enslaved to my passions,
and have an odd relationship with shame, guilt, superstition and lust, 
Knowledge conquered this! Biblical Knowledge doubly so, and here is why 

 Unless your body and sexual organs are in pain RIGHT NOW because you are so aroused and have so much love and passion for your partner, then it’s better to pleasure yourself in other more wholesome ways, but if you cannot withstand, even after praying to the divinity dwelling within you,  then it is better to release than to suffer needlessly, the body was not designed to generate pain and tension without reason; it is a message. 
Do not feel condemned, especially if your partner gives you permission and there is no ulterior motive or any intention of corruption in you. 

Our God created us to enjoy life and live it abundantly, not to condemn us and by a tyrant, but to reveal the truth of life to us, that we may live it responsibly, and love it, for understanding its true nature.  

 Best of all is to make love to them, better yet,
In Spirit than body unless both of you wish for a child right now…
And have established a firm foundation for one. 

However God does not condemn, judge nor accuse or hate this “sin”, more than other sins/ mistakes/ imperfections;  
only in the sense of “missing the target/ purpose of life:to pass on life”

 I believe it all depends upon the intention behind it; God, the great God that is,  and the little god we are becoming,
Sees into and knows our heart, if we seek his answers, with uprightness and faith, and truly wish to know, he answers.

what is in your heart is of SUPREME importance, for instance, if you are in a relationship but lust/
chase after pornographic images, I believe that’s harmful to your soul,
body and sense abilities… and your connection’s quality.


Some doctors and physicians say to ensure you don’t get prostate cancer, and stay connected to the flow of good energy and life, you should allow yourself release once in a while,

others say it fuels the cerebral spinal fluid and should never be wasted… this is actually a line of reasoning I see a lot of evidence for, after studying Human Anatomy and its Glandular system

Certain Yogi’s (“bringers of light/ one who separates darkness” from India, preach union, also recommend against masturbation, 
but there have been cases of ascetics and those who with hold themselvessuch as “Swami Shivananda”, dieing of prostate cancer, 
This just goes to show: God wishes to know us in relationship, and we are wise to seek HIS answers,

not try to reinvent the wheel and create our own 

 God gives us free will and a mind and heart to think and feel with.
The Apostle Paul tells us on the instance of Sexual Immorality:  

As with all things, save true love of God and lifr, don’t over do it, and don’t let it become too mechanical and routine,

if you cannot resist this temptation, even after praying and trying your best, be aware that just like a relationship with a partner, you have a relationship with your body and it is the temple of God… If you are an addict learn to step beyond this attachment.

Habits at first are easy to break and then become like chains, unless we have food discipline.
It’s all about conscious commitment and growth, God, the highest aspect of ourselves , our conscience and the divine source from which it hails, looks out for us and our future.
Personally I now choose to save my energies, drawing them upward and expressing them as art, using them to heal my heart, now, 
There is an alternative to masturbation, which is channeling the sex energy upwards through union with spirit, “sealing & unsealing” techniques, your body is not just a temple but also a book, that’s why we say “he or she is so easy to read”… 
Revelations, and the apocalypse, which means unveiling, mentions 7 candles, churches and communities, and the return of Christ, to me this is an allegory referring to the holy life giving power of the seed of life… 
 Love, a brother & disciple in and of Christ, hope this helps.

I made a video on this topic on my YouTube channel which you can find here, I talk about some mysteries of God and how it all relates to growing closer to God within