My Story

I came to know Christ through wanting to see the error of my ways, and following it back to the motivation’s behind those errors; their principles, their “seeds”. 

Christ is the answer our world is desperately seeking for, the holy seed of light, the good news our world needs, the missing key, “The stone the builders rejected”, but interpreting him and his words, and then putting them into practice, is a monumental task, a “Magnum Opus” (Life’s work). 

I’m working hard every day on these efforts (videos, journal entries, fitness, songs, paintings, music, poetry), while I am not perfect, “Done is better than perfect”; Like Jesus said on the Cross: “IT IS FINISHED”. 

Faith without WORKS is dead, so I’ve resolved simply to pray and follow my heart and share what it guides me into, as the holy spirit has proven over and over again, it is leading me, and i am protected, being guided for a specific purpose, as ALL are who receive it are.