The Good News!

THE good news which the world is looking for among the bad news in short summary is this:  the promise of eternal life, a world beyond chains and suffering, Jesus Christ! who’s very name means God Saves, came to set Humanity free from its imperfections, liberate us with the truth, and defeat death, which indeed, I have faith, he did!

Think about it, why do people say “JESUS CHRIST” when something goes wrong? 

Personally, I believe it is because their soul is calling out for him. 

And I also personally allow what I perceive to be that ever-fresh feeling of his holy spirit to guide all my actions, because I received a promise: The holy/ divine (and amazingly creative) spirit, will guide you into all truth, so far, so good! I truly love my life through following it.

Jesus achieved his goals, and defeated death, and we can too, through learning the true inner meaning of his teachings, in short: living a liberated connection with our one heavenly father; The original divine spark which created the universe.

Once we establish this connection, this wonderful relationship, we can start becoming fully his* child, allowing the true essence of life: true and beautiful love, to emerge spontaneously in every moment and lead us on the path to true eternal life.

*(God is hard to describe… because God is the source of everything, we can only use symbolic names to describe him; Elohim, which is actually a plural word used by Moses to describe God, it is symbolic for life beyond concepts & Ideas: reality)

So how do we do this? Well, we don’t have to do very much, especially at first, if we want this free gift, this present, namely: Divine inheritance, we can simply open our hearts and >>>Receive<<< it, you see, to pass on Inheritance, A Father has to die, but, because God IS God; Eternal Conscious Bliss, God willingly paid that bargaining price: He gave his own life so that we could all have eternal life too! Promising before he was sentenced to death… “I’ll be back” 😉  

And, here’s the challenge: try to find Jesus grave? It’s empty! His bones have never been found, for our redeemer, humanity’s redeemer, lives. 

So here’s a sound cloud recording, every day I read and record a chapter of the Bible