The Tree of Life (Poem)

The tree of life is
Every body’s wife, it is
the substance which sustains us
throughout all of our days… so why do we
spend so much of our life, in a confused and hazy daze?
Painkillers don’t kill the pain of the soul, 
Feeling numb is not the goal,
sometimes we have to 
go very deep and 
dive right in
then after
that we
to live again 
rising higher now 
up beyond our pain, beyond
all of the self-inflicted constraints, 
we can no longer be contained by chains
they fall apart, fall off like illusions, broken by the soul’s discernment,
releasing burdens of guilt, fear and shame, 
of envy and hate, of silence and waste,
we remember now, remember the time,
it’s time to rewrite the rules 
of this game, to change
our fate!
“my burden 
is easy my yoke is light”… sharing the load, carrying the weight, overcoming all of this world’s hate… how? 
literally; my yoke is light… so i go on, i be and i cause,
I continue, I carry the light within me, my light shines from within me, and I am that light, I am that sound…
I remember, re member I do not have to fight anymore in any wars, 
no more conflict, no more scores, no more competition,
no, i have a different story, it’s like and unlike any you 
have ever heard of at all, this story is called life,
and it is about every thing and no thing,
a saga, a play between earth,
and space… listen to this story,
it will help you get over the pain,
the stain, the strain…
we are a trace of infinity, 
won’t you come
sit and drink 
some tea
with me? 
enjoy infinity…
I see and I feel 
a smile and grin,
I am flowing and glowing flowering now,
blossoming, sprouting up, growing up
rising up first of all, from within…
Rising up, first of all, from within…. Turning, twirling, 
just like a whirlwind or a galaxy swirling, I continue on living and give birth to
what it was that gave birth to us, trust, trust, in perfect symbiosis, 
as we combine love with lust, we remember how to trust, 
we create time, with all that is, we create time…
remember now, remember how we can
give back to life what it gave to us
trust, give love back to love,
there is no time for 
anything but
but everything 
is pointing in the same direction,
everything is a reflection of perfection and the
moment, each moment is the perfect teacher, if only
we could look to see and use all of our birthrights, our
godly features, we can use them to gain clarity and make a new projection, 
let go of what once was, what we thought had to be, and set free our 
destiny, not just as individuals, but one gigantic family…
one… one… one… one… one family, living free 
connected throughout infinity, climbing up
the tree of life… recognizing ourselves
branches, twigs, leaves, roots, 
trunks, barks, on the tree
of neverending life.