Discovering the Sacred Art (Poem)

Living in the heart,
we discover the sacred art,
of rowing our boat down the stream,
where our shared dreams burst at the seams,

with gratitude and grace, we pull the left and right oar and water splashes our face, as the truth twinkles because of the sun we let go and are at one; giving grace its rightful place, not a single distraction ameliorates our face.

Clarity sets on our brow, we are remembering and learning exactly how,
to manifest what is best so that this earth can once again be blessed:
we won’t run away from this moment but live in the now.

Ripples and reflections are on the water, we give our all and sometimes fall;
in, but it doesn’t end then it just begins, goosebumps are what we feel,
when we are not skimming but swimming in the waters of love, a crystal clear field,

then inspiration swoops down like clouds from above,
reminding us of any truth or love we have lost:
We discover things below the surface,
feeling what is real, the deep no longer conceals;
something becomes immediately clear, the sun lives in us, trust!
Above and below are one.

and we’re all joining in the fun, we’re in it for the long run!
To shine like the sun is our destiny, to discover the best in you and me,
learn to harness the 4 elements; Earth, Wind, Water, Fire in the right order will take us beyond any borders; always on, higher, lower, higher, our soul burns, it is fire, inner, outer, whole worlds it inspires.

No one knows how it was all made,
that’s what makes this game fun, it’s not just a charade
It’s difficult to tell head from toe, when we are always on the go,
That is why we must learn to go with the flow, and just know the music in which our own soul is immersed, the song which from our heart and lungs longs to burst,
Give it space give it time, it is a divine vine, one does not pick grapes before they are ripe,
that’s almost a crime.

Discover the direction leading away from senseless slaughter, mother earth, sky’s daughter, have a plan: to restore all of this land and end what nature abhors namely wars, which are endlessly boring chores: every broken bone must be healed, violence has no yield… a family will miss its members, just like a tree feels all of its roots, they are tender.

We are striding along the way of peace, not slaves, but brave ones, so let us master this beast: the impulses of the body; no longer giving ourselves over to feelings which can only be described as shoddy. Remembering the dignity of being human and what it means to say truthfully „God Loves Me”.

We know the pace and the rhythm, we’re smiling because it’s already given! Heaven has a code, and of it, there is a node, it pulsates in our chest, if we listen we can know it and be blessed : – )

it, is not matter OR mind, it’s both, so let’s do what we love the most, know that the answers are in our hearts, there’s a place for us on the ark, a place to free our divine spark, a place where we can always restart,

where age meets youth, love doesn’t seem odd,
but you know the truth of god: god is love,
and that’s why no one is out of place, that is certain and true, you really don’t

need to feel blue, because while they call this the human race,
know that here, there is overflowing grace.
That’s what makes it easy to keep the pace!

So Let’s all join in the heavenly music,
which the sun by daring to shine all night long,
keeps planets moving on, whilst singing its wonderful song,
The Soul is the goal of this song, and when you listen to it you can do no wrong,
Because it is everything light touches, and lets you know: you truly do belong.

This was a poem, a lyrical vine, metaphorical climb, up to a hill, to see the sight that can only be seen when heard with the eyes of the soul… the radiant goal; a light body, created by the golden mean, 137.5, so it seems! : – )