Who am I? How I see life, the world and consciousness.

I am Samuel, I am Adam, I am Alder, but I am also more than a name,
much more, and so are you… bear with me and my slightly unusual writing,
I have discovered, I am consciousness itself, and i have a deep connection to life,
I have also realized that everyone else is consciousness, but a lot of people do not seem to know this,
instead, they think they are humans, or animals, or people, or egos, or personalities, or Nationalities, club members,
numbers, types, men or women, mothers or fathers, experts, jobs… these are all just roles they are playing, In this grand universal game.

A little chrono-logic-al information about me:
When I was born, I exclaimed, I am the first and the last, he that was, is, and is to come,
and then I stopped speaking for 4 years, hahaha, just kidding, but I do remember saying at 4 years of age:
“Is life real, or is it a game?”

Well, my answer to myself with 27 now is, it is a game which seems so real, that it seems to not be a game.

other questions include: “was life black and white like in those photographs from back then?”
“can flowers sing?”
“the language we think in influences what we can think, doesn’t it?”
“are we not, to planets like cells are to us?”

I seem to have been gifted with talents in: painting, explaining and thinking about things creatively, and poetry.

as I have already stated, I was born with a somewhat free and rebellious spirit, I rebelled against conventions, teachers, society, parents, friends, and ultimately myself, and spent a lot of time on my own, trying to comprehend the world.
At age 11 I discovered things were very broken and that they needed to be changed.

In recent years I have been gathering inspiration on how to live through and by this mission of how to fix this broken world,
how to help humanity and its: Schooling/ education system, food system, government system, and the conclusion I have arrived at
Is, the fundamental skill everyone needs to learn is how to be peaceful, how to relax, and tap into higher consciousness…

I am to inspire you and everyone I meet to be able to do this AT WILL, through my art, videos and poetry.

Thank you for reading, I hope to meet you some day 🙂

P.s, I have spent time: Snowboarding, Skateboarding, web designing, cleaning, singing, gaming, dancing
swimming, watching hundreds of thousands of hours of movies and documentaries, reading thousands of sacred and
profane documents, studying religions, entering and leaving groups, travelling, filming, photographing,
philosophizing about justice and systems and all sorts of other things, but my guess is,
you have done most of these things yourself too! 🙂

self self


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