What is the ego to you?

What is the ego to you?

To me the ego is the babbling voice in the mind
which won’t shut up unless you tell it to,
or give direct commands and take
charge over your bodies natural intelligence,
and give your whole being a purpose, a direction.

To me the ego is the mask people get confused with,
which keeps them from beign a true individual, in a herd mentality,
It is what can sway you to make all kinds of decisions,
and gives you the feeling you are not responsible for your actions,
or the consequences they result in, when you are…

ego mask

Is the ego something which pretends to be you, while your soul is actually slumbering?

Another way to describe it is: the facade, the status, the role, the persona, outwardly,
it is everything you appear to be, but are not in essence;
Nationality, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, foot size, et cetera,

Inside, it is what confuses you from your true self and soul,
it is the voice which constantly provides you with thoughts, opinions, narratives,
likes and dislikes, which keeps you in the past or future speculation, away from the now, away from being,
it is that annoying constant tone which few become aware of, that it is not them, and even fewer know how to turn off at will.

To me, meditation is the cure for the ego, what is meditation?
Non thought; Gaining cosmic energy, by consciously sleeping and relaxing
the mind and therefore also the body, in short finding the source of all being within yourself.

Meditation feels like this picture looks:

the effects of meditation

What is sleep? Unconscious meditation.

Is it possible to not need sleep if you become an advanced meditator? Yes

Has meditation ever been shown to have a real world effect on things like war and peace? Yes, it factually has.

TM (Transcendental Meditation) crime prevention project in Washington showed a maximum 23.3% drop in violent crime.
Before the project, the Chief of Police had exclaimed that the only thing that would create a 20% drop
in crime would be 20 inches of snow. The TM crime prevention project took place during
blistering summer weather. Read full article here…


“The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002).”

The factual probabilities are that even knowing this information, not all people who read this
will meditate regularly, even when guaranteed that it will work, to create peace within
themselves and their environment, will you? 
Will you join me and others, and vote for peace,
not with your pen, but your whole being?


I invite you to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

another source for this experiment can be found here:


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