“Speaking to the artist in you”, an essay.

Speaking to the artist in you:

The astronaut, the scientist, mathematician, academic,
author and actor have become romantic icons, daring pioneers of our age exploring new horizons,
some of the “chosen few” who are able to travel further, see more, and do more than the “average worker”…

Yet, there is another type of work we can do as humans,
another place except outside of ourselves to explore,
one which it is not so hard, or impossible to become.
A pioneer of consciousness, one who swims through the depths of the mind.
The Artist: a Psychonaut; one who is not afraid of diving into the psyche: “the thing that breathes”.
The world has been mapped and explored, and according to some,
everything that there is to see, has been seen… but not by me.

Look, Look at it!
The whole universe is out there, in all its tremendous beauty and vast glory,
still just waiting to be explored. Stars which are thousands of years of travel away,
even if you are as fast as light. Yes, it is all out there, waiting to be explored, theoretically.

What I want to say is that: It’s also in here!
And in this inner realm, the only thing you are limited by is yourself.
We are so busy, rushing from one place to the next,
paying so much attention to the outer world,
some people don’t even believe the inner one exists,
but I can tell you it does,
because I have been there,
and will keep going,
and keep sharing what I find there.

We all have these projects, but we forget, we are the actual project.
If we feel something is blocking us, we need to remember, there is more than one way.
We have a choice to make in our own lives, which we can only make when we are fully aware of it:
to grow, or to stand still and let the vegetable kingdom swallow us up, in time, her belly:
Either, you choose to grow and advance, or you stand still and regress,
there is no in between, you have to make an effort just to hold your ground, position and keep things going.

A wise man who lived in another age said: “Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains,
at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean,
at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering”*

Now, more of the same goes on: We rush about, trying desperately,
but in vain, to change the world in some way or another, trying to leave our mark on it.
When it is not the world that needs changing.
And what we really want to leave a mark on, or in, is ourselves and one another.
And through art; literature, music, dance, philosophy… We can!
We can change the way we, and others see the world, and in so doing, everything else.

Now, as our ability to communicate through technology has catapulted us into the digital age,
we seem to be stagnating, if not, regressing, culturally: most of the greatest works of literature are hundreds of years old,
yet, we could all be contributing to a second renaissance, our emails are sent at light speed,
but our thoughts and emotions are kept from moving much at all…

What I want to say is: there is a universe waiting for you, inside,
in which you are the landscape, and at the same time, the traveller,
in which you can see whatever you need to see.
It’s all just waiting for you to accept it, and go within.

I used to say whenever I was asked who I wanted to meet, this and that dead person.

But who I really want to meet is you.

And the only reason I can think of why I am not currently,
really meeting you, is contained in this sentence:
“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark
(outer space), The true tragedy of life however,
is when a grown man is afraid of the light (within; in inner space)”.**

When we stay on the outside, on the surface, we remain in the dark, we never get to know ourselves,
we do not meet ourselves, nor others, it is only by diving within that we champion and raise up our inner light
and give birth to our unique loving individual art.

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