My core, Uploading and Downloading

Sometimes people get confused about whether they are “uploaders” (creators/designers/authors) or “downloaders”, (readers/consumers/eaters e.t.c) the truth is, you are both, and without being one you cannot be the other, but you need to balance your intake and output!

Balancing is an essential act. In fact, it is so essential, it is one of the 5-6-7 senses, touch taste smell sight hearing, (intuion) and balancing! Why don’t people mention it? The sense of balancing, they just forget it, because you only sense balance in movement.

There is a vast amount of intelligence which can come through you if you are willing to put your ego (sense of identity / mask / not full self) away for a moment, for you to “channel” “upload”, “be wild and creative” and there is a vast amount of information you can take in, when something is of relevance for you.

But one of the challenges we have to overcome in living in this world, is that of ignoring irrelevant information, and another challenge is: Saying no to forced learning, or forced “sharing”, and really doing what we do from the heart and soul of our being: being true to ourselves, this means, When we learn, and when we teach, we should really be doing it from our core.

I painted this piece of art when I was 15 years old and called it “My Core”, I still enjoy looking at this image and reflecting on it, I taught myself how to use photoshop, layering textures upon textures, filtering e.t.c, and thought up all the ideas on my own.

Humans are brilliant creatures but they need to be given space to grow and blossom, like any other flowers or animals really. Part of this space is trust, and that is a rare currency in our world.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you develop a more trusting relationship with yourself.


My Core by Samuel A Alder

My Core

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