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Reposted from facebook, edited, and many images added: I apologize to all my non vegan/ meat eating friends for lashing out, saying i can’t trust you or that i see you as complicit in murder, or lacking in compassion the past couple of days, I don’t want to lose you as a friend, so please read this, and see “my side” and perhaps tell me about “your side”.

(We are on “sides” of the same thing: the cosmic mind)

I am and was terribly upset by the torture I saw animals going through in ROUTINE fashion, in for instance the free on line film earthlings, and many other good, non biased, neutral and balanced documentaries, knowing it is like this all over the world, and that it will not end, and I personally feel, I must change the situation.

There is a link to the film at the bottom of this article:

Our bodies are simply not designed to eat meat, as this chart shows, we are far closer to frugivores (fruit and vegetable eaters) and herbivores than carnivores.

The simple fact a meat eater is TEN TIMES more likely to get a heart attack than a non meat eater, to me, is enough.

comparison chart

Let’s talk and let me explain “my side”, you are welcome then to explain yours. I was once an unreflected meat eater too, starting age 3 or 4, and, so i know how hard it is to stop eating meat, and or other animal products, and how easy and “good it feels”… especially when you are born and educated into it. But it is wrong, in my eyes it is totally wrong.Intensive-pig-farm-011

It takes courage, will, determination to change, i know, i went through it, my process involved discovering and letting go of many disturbing things about myself, “cognitive dissonance” and “dissociation” a feeling of a loss of “identity” and “re-association” took place whilst doing so, which has to be overcome to “see clearly” again, it is a deep question plumbing the depths of our identity as human beings, are we predators or not? Are we warriors, or peaceful guardians?

Let us ask ourselves, who are we as beings, as a species, if we make all other species suffer, and even go extinct, or keep them in killing camps, for food, when we don’t have to?

Martin Luther King once said:


And I am convinced that within 50 years, people will look at the way we NOW treat animals, the same, or worse, than how we treated one another; with extreme prejudice, racism, going all the way to genocide.

 I cannot, nor do i want to take back saying “i don’t trust meat eaters”, because i don’t, fully.
We can forgive ourselves for the past, but not for the future, in advanced.
I feel i have awakened to a new level of being, and I am what and who I AM… I am a feeling, conscious being, and I am connected to all other feeling, conscious beings… as you are too, actually, and you and I cannot with good conscious say, yes, the torture and killing of animals for convenience, is in any form, good, moral, or lawful before our own eyes.


We are created in the image of the creator! The creator lives through us! Michaelangelo’s image is an allegory of how the cosmic brain, the shape “God” in this image is floating in, created humans, and touched itself, through the mirror veil of physicality and metaphysicality…

Going on…

I simply cannot fully trust those who play cruel life taking, selective games, when they do not have to, and do not have to make others do so on their behalf, yet do so anyway.
And one of the biggest reasons i cannot trust “them” and “you” is when you make up CRAP excuses for it, like “plants feel pain to, everything has to die, i need my calcium from milk, i need my meat for my muscles”. Here is scientific proof you do not have to:

tombstone_400 point number 3, links to a sourced and well written article, and here are also some amazing body builders and pro athletes proving you can have great muscles without any meat at all.

I myself am quite strong too, and can lift twice my own body weight, and trained in self defense for years.

I can explain to you why i do not trust “you” or other meat eaters, it is simply because of this, your selective compassion; Double standards. I am not saying this because I think I am better than you, or to accuse you, or anything like that, and I WAS once a meat eater who didn’t consider the animal suffering, or just brushed it off as “necessary”… i just genuinely feel it is difficult to trust people who do not see their own hypocrisy, double standards, or if they do, do not change…

here is a chart showing that our bodies are NOT configured for meat eating (again):

comparison chartfactually! FACT-actually! IF, if you can reason your way around that, and PROVE to me we HAVE TO do cruel things to other living feeling, breathing beings, then i will listen, but don’t bother insulting me like others have, it’s a waste of your and my time.

What does the energy which connects all of us feel and think about the situation, that which some people call god or the great spirit? Did the same spirit which made us humans not make animals too?


You see, My trust for you will only ever go “so far”, I cannot totally “let go” around “you”. I will trust “you” fully again when you do what “you” can reason and prove to yourself, first and foremost, to be doing the right thing.

As long as you are doing something which even you do not think is good or the right thing to do, how can i trust you? When you don’t even trust yourself or life, enough, to do the right thing.

That’s 365 animals (or more) in a single year!… Other facts mean you are actually enRICHing the planet by your choice!

Many people came at me with the argument “plants have feelings too”, to me this is a farce, if you care so little about animals you are willing to kill and eat them WHEN YOU DO NOT NEED TO, why dare to pretend about plants so deeply?
Just as a justification to change nothing and go on killing!
the facts to me, seem to be I NEED broccoli and apples, and salad, and so on, to live, and eating these things does not seem to me to be “ending life” or “torturing living beings”.

But i do NOT NEED, to kill! even if my mouth sometimes still, with all my knowledge, wants, meat! That’s how deep the cultural programming, and effect on our body is, when we eat meat for years, and decades…


Why do you, and people feel compassion for dogs, or cats, or mice, or any pets, and for instance my families dog who died a week ago, why do “you” go around saying “sorry”, “my condolences” e.t.c, and yet go on eating meat, yet go on not personally investigating slaughter houses, factory farming, and saying no to what is clearly immoral? Is your morality, your compassion, only lip service, only skin deep?

Look at how this pig enjoys being stroked! It is just as sensetive as a dog!!!!

Honestly: Now that I’ve made the shift, and been going 3 years or so, i feel good, better than before, i don’t feel like i am lacking anything, it was hard to make the change, like quitting an addiction. It was the horror i witnessed over and over again, that gave me the impulse to “shift” but especially recently, after watching the freely and legally viewable film earthlings, on the earthlings dot com site, i saw, that a critical mass of humans simply must get together to put an end to this barbarism, not only that it is possible, but that it must be done.

There is an interrelationship between all things, and our complete ruthless, merciless treatment of animals, reflects how we treat ourselves as a species, and other humans, innocents, women, children, men… I am convinced we could end war worldwide if we stopped eating, butchering, torturing animals. That is parasitic and predatory, and we are better than that, as a species, our very blood calls to us to remind us “You are nobler than this, there is something wrong!” 

get rid of war

for me, going vegan was the first step, now i want to help the animals directly, and i also have a big heart for children, and all life really, and i HATE seeing and reading about abuse… I HATE IT!!!! I HATE IT!
And you should too! You should love good and hate evil, and take a stand for what is good, and not let evil just wash over and consume you.


Quite honestly i am so disgusted with “adults” and i have seen so many horrible things “adults” do in this world, that for many, many years, all i wanted was to get back my child sense of hope and trust and faith, and i really only feel that way, and that it is safe and normal and EASY to be that way around animals and children…

How can we go on living our lives without truly living?
Without feeling good about who we are,
what we do, what choices we make?

For me, this is what I felt and feel like when i let the truth,
as it shows itself to me, into my heart mind and soul… into my life.


I know it’s really hard to change your diet, at first, and that is why i personally had to fight with myself and keep asking myself the questions…

you know who else it’s really hard for though? Factory farmed animals who live through sheer torture and suffering, who’s sheer existence, from birth to death, is a misery, with little to no good in it, and even events like sex, which should be a joy for all, are through artificial means.

It is clear the cow is made to live, to enjoy life,
and the cucumber is not, it has no brain, nor nervous system, nor anything!

cucumber cow

All in all, i feel like the issue of war and factory farming are very closely related, and i close again with the quote “as long as man mercilessly slaughters animals he will kill his own brother again and again on the battlefield”, imagine if ending wars worldwide was as simple as doing what you really love (being true to your innermost self), and shifting your diet… many of us think we have to do more, but the fact actually is if everyone did that, war, world wide, would end tommorow!


Thank you for reading through and considering my view point, i know it is not at all easy, and that is why i recommend talking to the people you feel connected to through your heart, or seeking new people to talk to such themes about.

last thing, i don’t like the name vegan, much, but my friend told me about a new name: the Eden diet… eating anything from any tree, or seed, or herb bearing fruit


“out of the ground the LORD God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food;” “Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” The first chapter of the first Book Genesis, of the Torah, of the Bible…

I know this is a “a lot” and if you are new to this subject, then it might seem like “too much”, but just keep making those steps in the direction your logic is pointing you to go.

You are here, reading this for a reason. We are all connected, not just as humans, but as life, the reason we have pets is because we cherish our connection to animals. The reason we have slaughterhouses and factory farms is because humanity is mixed up about what it is, and is currently going through a “dark age”, but is thankfully coming out of it, through the magic of communication…


Crystals power computers, the “chips” people talk about are crystalline… We are composite beings: Mineral, Vegetable, And Animal.

I think we are heading to a brighter future in which we recognize ourselves as GUARDIANS of the planet and not PREDATORS.

This is a (edited) repost from my facebook page:

Images added in the wordpress version.

Here are sources: Earthlings Video, (we are all earthlings! We all come from the earth).

free from the director / creator for the sake of the animals.

Please reshare/ repost this article, not at all for me, but for the animals and our planet, I really am convinced changing our diet, on a large scale, will end wars.

Credit for images, google and

If you are still not convinced by any of this, I urge you to watch this video:

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