Collected Poems about Love and Eternity

you can download these poems here: in open office form collected poems and pdf collected poems

“love is an ever outstretched hand
love is a path leading to the promised land
love is a way, which creates itself and overcomes the troubles of the day,
love is, love IS.”

“look past the distraction, look past the haze,
fix your eyes on what is eternal, focus your mind’s gaze…

and what you will discover is the end of your confused trance like daze, time ends when you want it to, it’s just the twinkling of an eye,

just a changing of perspective,
just a blinking and releasing of selfishness and pride

the real I is eternal, it doesn’t waver or dissolve,
it is simply made of everything, and everything is made of it,

the shit the, flowers the sunshine, the spring water too,
it’s all the self same thing, and it’s all inside of you!

by this i mean you always have been, are and will be, connected to all of it, and all you have to do to get a glimpse of the infinite eternal,

is look within and listen, to the silence inbetween the sounds,
the eternal infinite silence, connecting everything, all around.”

“Considering the Eternity of Time and the Infinity of Space,
Makes it easier to let go of the Illusion,
that life is a race, that you always have to rush,
and get to the next place…

Why is it called the human race?
Can you see the anger in people’s face?
Where are they going?
They are doing themselves a disgrace…

An angry, proud, stampeding herd,
running off the cliff, unable to fly,
not yet angels,
neither colourful and glorious birds.


Words, words words, words words words, concepts and ideas,
Which are all so absurd, unless you consider, the infinite depth of beingness
And see, that even throughout all of this time, a single, subtle breath,
Has kept us alive, What a miracle you are, What a miracle we are, When just one, just one act of violence, just one accident, just one fall, is enough to end it all.

All of these generations, all of these,
sparks and eternal somethings…

And it makes me think about how… How… How…
I have been chasing myself for so long now,
only to find out, there is no sam, no me,
separate from everything else…
…And there is no thing to see
only everything
which is not
even a
but a

the be
ing thing which
is not a thing but a
being is a loving free quen see…
a sound, a moving vibration, a pulsation
moving through the air, the ground, the ocean, the fire,
and we are it… we are the prime ordeal, primordial
sound, we are it, we are the ocean of emotion
we are it… the dream of our ancestors
whom we were also… we are, we
are, yes, we truly are, and you
know, we really truly just are
this beingness this love
this eternal justice
which just is
what it is

you can download these poems here: in open office form collected poems and pdf collected poems

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